MedPay Coverage for Car Accident Injuries

You may have heard that Braves infielder Chase d’Arnaud recently missed a game because of a minor car accident. Almost everyone is involved in an auto accident at some point. There are some things you can do now to prepare yourself well in case it happens to you.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should focus on getting yourself healthy. Unfortunately, people often worry about mounting medical bills during the period of uncertainty between an accident and the insurance company cutting a check. Talking to your car insurance provider about medical payments coverage (MedPay) could save you money and hassle in the event of an accident.

How MedPay Works

After an accident, MedPay covers the medical expenses of all occupants of your car up to a specified limit. Note that MedPay is purchased by the vehicle. Regardless of your other insurance, your MedPay covers only the vehicles you have MedPay for. The key feature of MedPay is that it covers you and your passengers regardless of fault, meaning that your expenses will be paid for despite any possible disputes about who caused the accident.

Advantages of MedPay

MedPay kicking in regardless of liability bring several important benefits. It provides peace of mind after the accident since you’ll know your medical expenses are taken care of even if the insurance companies are quarreling about fault. This also means that MedPay is available immediately, since liability questions don’t have to be addressed.

MedPay is worthwhile even if you have excellent health insurance for a few reasons. First, it generally does not require a deductible, meaning that you would pay nothing out of pocket. Second, it sometimes covers accident expenses more broadly than health insurance by including things like chiropractic treatment. Finally, it covers everyone in your vehicle. MedPay can be reassuring since you know your friends and family will have coverage when they are riding with you. Furthermore, if you cause an accident, these payments could help cover your obligations to your passengers.

MedPay is often very affordable. Talk to your own insurance company for specifics, but it is not uncommon for up to six figures of MedPay coverage to be relatively inexpensive compared to the benefits derrived.

Our Recommendation

Every driver should carry MedPay coverage. For as little as a few extra dollars a month, you could save yourself a huge amount of worry in the event of an accident. MedPay keeps you and your passengers from having to stress about money in the immediate aftermath of a crash while the details are examined by the insurance companies. Instead of focusing on the details, you can do what you need to do to get healthy.

MedPay is something you can take care of today. See this blog entry for the steps you should take after a car accident occurs. Call The Rhine Law Firm, LLC for guidance throughout the process and to make sure your rights are protected.


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